5 Pack -Verizon Two-Tone Bumper Case for Moto Z Droid - Clear/Clear

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This is a 5 pack! Made of high quality industrial-grade materials the Two-Tone Bumper Case looks great and provides all-around protection for your Moto Z Droid. The Bumper wraps around the perimeter of your device and reliably safeguards it from daily wear and tear and damage caused by drops and impact. The soft plastic-silicone material is flexible and protects your device while the frame grabs it tightly keeping it secure. The case is also lightweight so it doesn t add noticeable bulk. Custom cutouts offer easy access to all keys and ports. The Two-Tone Bumper is also the only case that is compatible with all of the Moto Mods™ (sold separately). So no need to sacrifice the protection of your Moto Z Droid the next time you d like to turn it into a powerful speaker personal projector or battery powerhouse. Complete protection With an advanced design and the highest quality materials the Soft Cover with Bumper provides all-around protection for the Moto Z Droid all corners of the device are covered. Works with Moto Mods