ADC - 619FV Adscope Lite 619 Ultra Lightweight Clinician Stethoscope with Tunable AFD Technology, Amethyst

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Product DescriptionWeighing just 3.7 oz (105 g), ADC`s all-new Adscope-Lite 619 is a durable yet lightweight stethoscope with the acoustic performance you`d expect from an instrument costing two to three times more. The combination chestpiece offers an ultra-sensitive diaphragm for greater amplification and crisper high-frequency transmission as well as an extra-large bell for unsurpassed low-frequency response. The 619 also features Adjustable Frequency Design (AFD) technology to further enhance the acoustic response. The clinician headset, designed to withstand thousands of cycles, features a double-leaf tensioning spring and a reinforcing yoke molded into flexible PVC tubing. Comes with a free scope ID tag and two pairs of Adsoft Plus Snap-on silicone eartips (one large, one small). Individually acoustic tested. Lifetime warranty and free parts forever.Manufacturer Contact Information1-800-232-2670