Green Piece - Pack of All Natural Baby Diaper Pail Deodorizer Activated Charcoal Air Purifier (Pack of 15)

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These 15 fragrancers bring refreshing air to a new mother's nursery room. This diaper pail fragrance brings a healthy and hygienic atmosphere to breathe in around the mother and baby. It's a perfect gift for any new mom! Give your little munchkin an odorless environment to grow up healthy and happy. The 15 pack of deluxe quality activated charcoal diaper pail deodorizer refill offers a year's supply in bulk. It entirely replaces the Diaper Genie refill and fits Ubbi and other branded diaper pails. Revive the sachets after 30 days by placing under sunlight and reuse. Dispose of the biodegradable product in the backyard or any other disposing place keeping the environment clean and green.