$averPak 4 Pack - Includes 4 JT Eaton Jawz Mouse Traps for use with Solid or Liquid Baits

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$averPak JT Eaton brings you a full line of Insect & Pest Control Traps. We offer solutions from small mice to rats & chipmunks. Spring-loaded mechanical traps are an effective non-toxic solution for controlling these pest. If Flies & Insects are the problem we have the answer to them as well. $averPak Stick-A-Fly Traps are the versatile solution for flying insect control with various mounting and hanging options with a decorative design. The Stick-A-Fly Roll is a perfect replacement for traditional ribbons with the option to adjust the length remove captured flies then continue using the roll. With the $averPak brand you plenty of buying options to choose from ranging from singles 2 packs 4 packs and more...! $averPak JT Eaton Stick-A-Fly Glue Fly Trap $averPak JT Eaton Stick-A-Fly Ribbon $averPak JT Eaton Jawz Mouse Trap $averPak JT Eaton Jawz Rat & Chipmunk Trap Mouse - Rat - Chipmunk Traps STICK-A-FLY TRAPS & STRIPS About us: Thunder Mountain International LLC (ThndrMntn) is dedicated to creating new and innovative products that help people better enjoy life and doing the things they love. Established in 2012 - Thunder Mountain International continues to enjoy ongoing growth and success by providing products predicated upon our Core Key Principles. Integrity - Quality - Excellence - Innovation - Value Our Mission is to continue innovate safe effective and reasonably priced products and to continue to drive growth and success by staying true to our core key principles. $averPak Brand Products - Thunder Mountain International partners with the manufacturers of exceptional products to package market and promote their products in our extremely popular SaverPak brand configurations which include; Singles Multipacks In-Brand Bundles and Mutually Beneficial Cross-Brand Bundles.