Bamboogle Food Grade Mineral Oil For Cutting Boards - No Mess Cutting Board Oil With Easy Applicator

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Just pop the top squeeze the bottle spread the oil (not wax) and avoid the mess. The zero-mess applicator is a dream come true. Bamboogle deep penetrating wood oil for cutting boards is specially formulated for wooden: butcher Block countertop chopping board; carving board wooden kitchen utensil set bamboo bowls Maple Teak pine salad utensils butcher Block Islands knife holder sets knife handles wood counter tops and basically any wood products that come in contact with food. You could even oil your Cedar fence but it may take a while. . . 5 fluid ounce bottle is a 12-18 month supply for most kitchens. Large quantities of oil will take up space in your pantry and the oils can lose their key properties over years of sitting unused. Buy Bamboogle cutting board oil food grade and efficient bottle.