Bayes High-Performance Food Grade Mineral Oil Wood & Bamboo Conditioner and Protectant - Cleans Conditions and Protects Wood Bamboo and Teak Cutting Boards and Utensils - 12 oz

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Bayes Natural Premium Cleaning Products Our products clean shine and protect your most valuable possessions while ensuring minimal impact on the environment without sacrificing quality. In formulating our products we believe we have chosen the safest and most effective ingredients available on the market today. Plant-based formula ingredientsEssential-oil or natural-fragrance infusedCruelty-free - Leaping Bunny certified!USDA Biobased Certified ProductsFormulated & manufactured in Southern California Safe & Effective Non-Toxic Biodegradable All Natural Ingredients No Harsh Chemicals Recyclable Non-Aerosol Bottle Made in USA Our ingredients are free of harsh chemicals and safe for humans children pets & the environment 100% Food Grade Mineral Oil Cleans Conditions & Protects Wood Bamboo & Teak Convenient Pour Spout Non-Toxic & Biodegradable Recyclable Bottle Made in USA Directions Wash item with mild soap and water and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply with a clean cloth. Allow to soak in for 2-3 minutes and wipe with a clean dry cloth. Recommended treatment minimum once a month. FOR NEW ITEMS: Apply daily for first week; apply once a week for first month of use. Continue with once monthly treatments. Bayes Premium High-Performance Mineral Oil Wood & Bamboo Conditioner and Protectant - Cleans Conditions and Protects SURFACES: All Wood and Bamboo Cutting Boards and Accessories Cleans Conditions and Protects Wood Bamboo & Teak Cutting Boards Utensils and Accessories Wood and bamboo are a natural and attractive choice for cutting boards and many other kitchen utensils and items. Without treatment ordinary washing can dry out and crack your possessions. Bayes Wood & Bamboo Conditioner and Protectant uses the highest quality food grade mineral oil to nourish and beautifully preserve all wood cutting boards utensils and accessories for years. Try it for yourself. You won't believe the results! All of our products are formulated manufactured and warehoused in Southern California. Every bottle we produce prevents one pound of plastic from entering and polluting the ocean. Cruelty free. Leaping Bunny certified! 2017. We never test any of our products on animals. All of our formula ingredients are natural plant-based and non-toxic & biodegradable.