Beard Growth Kit - Hair Growth & Hair Serum - Beard Growth Oil and Beard Roller - Hair Growth for men - Stimulate Beard Growth with our Beard Serum and Growth Roller

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? Crafted?s Beard Growth Kit has the ultimate beard growth tools to help get you the results that your beard needs! With our premium Titanium Beard Roller to help stimulate dormant beard follicles and our Beard Growth Serum which brings the exact nutrients to your hair follicles that they need to grow this beard growth kit gives you everything your beard needs to grow in long and healthy! ?See Results in 4-8 Weeks! Our beard growth kit was formulated to bring results within 4-8 weeks by using the powerful combination of our titanium beard roller and our potent beard growth serum that?s packed with nutrients your hair follicles need to grow. When using both of these together you will see your beard hair growing in faster than you?d expect! ?Made with 100% All Natural Ingredients - Unlike other brands out there we only use all-natural ingredients which means you?re giving your beard and your skin the best possible ingredients to help increase growth and to keep your hair & skin healthy strong and moisturized.?Titanium Beard Roller - Our Beard Roller is the best beard growth tool on the market. Made with 540 small titanium needles our derma roller promotes beard growth by activating blood flow under your skin which increases the amount of nutrients coming to your hair follicles. The Beard Growth Serum helps bring added nutrients straight to your  follicles to increase the growth strength and overall health.?100% Money Back Guarantee - When you order your Crafted Beard Growth Kit buy with confidence knowing you?re getting exactly what you paid for. If you don?t love the results from our kit contact us and we?ll issue a full refund no questions asked! If you?re not happy we?re not happy so please let us know if you have any problems with your order!