Cablecreation RCA Audio Cable 3.5mm Male to 2-Male RCA Cable Y Splitter Design Stereo Audio RCA Male Cable 3 Meters Black

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CableCreation RCA to 3.5mm Aux Cable CableCreation 3.5mm to 2RCA cable will be the best choice for your home theatre TV Receiver Car Speakers and More. You can plug the 3.5mm male end with your phone or pc and then 2 RCA end to the left and right auxiliary inputs on your sound system. The slim 24K gold-plated connector allows you to plug it to your phone without taking off your phone case. Let the Fun Begin You can connect you phone with speakers on your leisure time. The handy cable also makes dinner parties and backyard barbecues even better with music from your MP3 player or other portable device played over your home entertainment system or portable speakers.You can also listen to music from your phone over your car's stereo system using the CableCreation 3.5mm stereo aux cord. The cable transmits audio in a stereo format for a sublime surround-sound experience. Universal Compatibility ( Not a Full List ) Note: you can transmit audio from 3.5mm to RCA or from RCA to 3.5mm but it must one side in the other side out * Computer * Phone (Android & iphone) * MP3 Player * Headphones * Car Stereo * Speaker * Amplifier * TV If you are not sure that whether this cable is compatible with your devices or you have any questions about this cable please feel free to contact with us