Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea Caffeine Free Sleepytime Peach 20 Tea Bags 1.0 oz (29 g)

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New!100% Natural TeasGluten FreeKosherNaturally Caffeine FreeEthical TradeBlendmasters Notes"Sleepytime Peach Herbal Tea adds the delightful aroma and just-picked flavor of ripe yellow peaches to our beloved Sleepytime blend of comforting herbs and botanicals — including floral chamomile cool spearmint lively lemongrass and more This calming and satisfying herbal tea is the perfect cup to help you wind down your day with a little warm and fuzzy feeling."Sleepytime - A Bedtime StoryBack in 1972 we saw the need for a truly soothing tea to help calm the nervous world around us. So we created our most relaxing tea gave it a uniquely calming name and decorated it with a simple drawing of a peacefully sleeping bear. Sleepytime quickly became Americas favorite herbal tea - and today people around the world trust the soothing Sleepytime family of herbal teas to help them wind down their day.Straight from the Source - Our Ethical Trade philosophy inspires us to purchase out core botanical ingredients directly from the communities that grow them.