VIOY Coaxial Digital Audio Cable (6.6FT/2M) Subwoofer Cable RCA Male to Male HiFi 5.1 SPDIF Stereo Coaxial Audio Cable for Home Theater HDTV Amplifier Speaker Soundbar

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Digital Audio Coaxial Cable RCA Male to Male Digital Audio Cord Ultimate Surround Sound Experience VIOY Coaxial Audio Cable is an audio interface that both have input and output functions. Different from the previous audio port it integrates a microphone interface (input interface) and a headset or audio interface (output interface). Coaxial SPDIF is generally called coaxial input and COAXIAL is marked on the back panel of the equipment. The digital coaxial interface uses a coaxial cable with an impedance of 75Ω as the transmission medium.Its advantages are constant impedance a wide transmission frequency band and VIOY high-quality coaxial cable with a bandwidth of several hundred MHz. which can transmit LPCM streams and surround sounds compressed audio signals such as Dolby Digital and DTS.NOTE Please use a 75Ω coaxial cable suitable for transmitting high-frequency digital signals as the matching standard ensure constant impedance and correct signal transmission. VIOY Digital Audio Coaxial Cable Advantages: Stable Transmission:75Ω Impedance ensure a stable connection with all types of coaxial ports to prevent loss of signal. HiFi Stereo Sound: RCA subwoofer cable create the ultimate Dolby Digital and DTS surround-sound experience. Connectivity: This coaxial audio cable allows you to connect your Blu-ray/DVD player HDTV media player set-top box or any other audio device with a coaxial audio port to your audio processor amplifier audio mixer sampler synthesizer speakers or subwoofer through the S/PDIF interface. Male to Male Connectors: Digital Coaxial RCA to Digital Coaxial RCA 1 Digital Coaxial Audio male to Digital Coaxial Audio male cable. Coaxial SPDIF Input Integrates a microphone interface (input interface) and a headset or audio interface (output interface). Combines the same axis conductor shielding layer and 75Ω Impedance with this digital audio cable which obtains flexible interface and stronger anti-interference ability Specification 1.Connectors: RCA male to male 2. Compatible with port: Coaxial/SPDIF 3. 24K Gold Plated for better sound quality 4. Silver-plated copper core 5. Outer conductor grounding design and 75Ω Impedance ensure a stable connection 6.Support Dolby DTS HiFi 5.1 surround sound.