CompressionZ 20-30 mmHg Knee High Compression Socks Black S

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20 - 30 mmHg graduated compression socks provide firm support for your arches ankles and calves. They offer a comfortable fit with mens and womens sizes available. These colorful compression stockings easily slide over your calves and stop just below the knee. Graduated support allows each part of the leg to receive a different amount of pressure ensuring that your movement is never restricted while enhanced blood flow is encouraged. The result is less swelling inflammation and pain even when you're on your feet for hours on end.

At CompressionZ the goal is to support the muscles and joints of busy professionals dedicated athletes and anyone in need of post-operative recovery socks or effective medical socks. We make moisture-wicking compression stockings that keep your skin dry and your muscles at peak performance even when you're tired and fatigued from a busy week or an intense workout. Hit the field for the game of your life. Beat your best time on your next run. Soar past your competitors in complete comfort. It's all possible when you have the support of high-quality compression socks. They're an essential part of every active adult or teenager's life and they make excellent stocking stuffers and gifts for nurses runners or CrossFit athletes.

Our cotton compression sock is enriched with sliver fish material introducing an antibacterial and antimicrobial quality that you won't get with many other compression products. Our stockings are lightweight and flexible and most users find them more comfortable than copper compression socks. We're excited to offer you durable nursing socks running socks athletic socks and support socks for the busiest days of your life.