EMAY Children Pulse Oximeter (Not for Newborn/Infant) | Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Heart Rate Tracking for Kids

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Why Would You Need A Children Oxygen Monitor?There is nothing more disconcerting than a kid with an upper respiratory infection. Whether your child coughs or breathes rapidly an oxygen monitor can give you an instant reading of the oxygen saturation in their blood. This reading can then help you make a decision about whether they need to be seen in the doctor?s office or should be taken directly to the hospital. Anything less than 90% and you know your child needs to be seen by a doctor immediately. Having a children oxygen monitor on hand along with the skill to properly use it can offer a piece of mind to parents at a stressful time.What Makes EMAY the Best Choice for Your Kids ?EMAY children oxygen monitor is specially designed to take blood oxygen level & pulse rate readings for kids aged 3-12 years old: * The adorable pattern design makes the tracking pleased and easily accepted by children thus gives you consistent & stable readings * Features a comfortable and soft finger chamber to protect the tender skin of children * Enhanced sensitivity and mature algorithm to detect kids? blood oxygen saturation level & pulse rate accuratelyPackage includes: Children oxygen monitor x 1 Carry case x 1 AAA batteries x 4Warning:For reference only not for medical use Please stay still as much as possible and avoid direct sunlight during the measurement otherwise it will cause inaccurate or inconsistent readings.