F20T12/D/ECO (2 Pack) 20 Watt Daylight 24 Inch 2Ft. T12 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb 20W 6500K Replaces - GE F20T12/D/ECO/UPC F20T12/SUN/ECO F20T12/D/ECO Philips F20T12/D/ALTO

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2 Pack F20T12/D/ECO/EX GE 83768 20 Watt Daylight 24 Inch T12 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb coated with Lumactiv a patented photocatalytic coating that cleans and purifies the air using a light activated Photocatalytic process and Nanotechnology that breaks down volatile organic compounds (VOCs) odors and a variety of airborne pollutants. In addition to its ISO-tested and proven air-cleaning capabilities LumActiv generates a superhydrophilic self-cleaning surface. LumActiv combines photocatalytic TiO? and advances in nanotechnology to create the most advanced light-activated functional surface coating on the market. This T12 linear tube features a vivid lumen output of 1 075 while producing a whiter more natural color for either commercial or residential applications. It has a stark white color temperature of 6500K and an average life of 9 000 hours about 20 percent higher than average. This fluorescent tube is perfect for high or low installations and saves energy with a fluorescent ballast.