Multivitamin for Kids Vitamin Supplements – 31 Vegan Minerals & Multi Vitamins for Kids | 20 Fruit & Veggie Extracts No Sugar Chemicals Gluten Artificial Flavor | Daily Childrens Vitamins 16oz

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85% TO 95% OF BODY ABSORPTION WITH A LIQUID FORMULA GreenPeach created a liquid baby multivitamin because the body absorbs it faster and better compared to pills tablet or gummies. When your body doesn?t need to break down a chewable supplement in your stomach all the energy is dedicated to absorbing the component. This makes a liquid formula much more powerful than a capsule. This way your kid?s body will REALLY benefit from all the vitamins and minerals that GreenPeach concentrated in this formula. 23 NATURAL VITAMINS & MINERAL IS JUST WHAT YOUR KIDS NEED With GreenPeach liquid multivitamins your children receive: Vitamin A: Healthy growth; tissue and bone repair Vitamin B-12: Energy production and healthy circulatory development Vitamin C: Immune system boost and nervous system development Vitamin D3: Calcium absorption to build strong bones Calcium: Strong bones and teeth Magnesium: Calms nerves improves sleep and helps to focus Zinc: Brain and immune system development Potassium: Healthy blood pressure and body fluid balance Manganese: Develop strong bones and joints And more? YOU SAID TASTY? For the picky eaters that won?t be fooled by a chemical candy taste GreenPeach created a natural fruit-flavored supplement full of antioxidants and with an amazing taste! Banana Kiwi Mango Pineapple and Apricot are here to help your kid take his daily spoon with a big smile. Now giving kids what their bodies need to complete their food won?t be an everyday war. 100% VEGETARIAN AND KOSHER FRIENDLY GreenPeach produces only 100% natural Non GMO VEGAN FRIENDLY and Kosher friendly multivitamins to ensure you and your family high-quality ingredients. Our products have no artificial sugar taste or color which allows you to easily mix it with your child?s favorite drink. That?s what we call a good deal!