Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser Adaptable for Blow Dryers with D-1.7-Inch to 2.6-Inch for Curly or Wavy Hair Shiny Black

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At Hairizone we believe it's not just about looking good but about feeling great! You deserve high-quality beauty tools that bring a sense of empowerment and confidence - and that's just what we offer! Our Universal Hair Diffusers are to bring you bouncy bold and beautiful curls in no time. Redefine Your Hair Style by Hairizone Diffuser What is Hair Diffuser? A Hair Diffuser is an additional attachment for a Hair Dryer that diffuses the air from the hair dryer to evenly dry your hair. It diffuses the heat so that to prevent damage to your hair. All hair types are great for diffusing but curly hair takes a particular liking to the method. Diffusers can dry the curls with indirect heat adding maximize volume to a frizz-controlled head of hair. Hair Diffusers are amazing blow dryer attachments that help drying your hair in a hurry while safely. Do you have such experience: You buy a beautiful hair diffuser and eager to use it but you find it cannot match your home blow dryer at all. What a shame! What will you do then? Some people maybe give it up while some just change to buy a new hair dryer with diffuser. NO MORE BOTHERS NOW! You can use this Hairizone Universal Diffuser for hair dryers at home and at hotels. This hair diffuser attachment universal connector are compatible for over 99% of different blow dryers designs in the market. It fits for almost all types of hotel blow dryers and its good size are very easy to take for travel. Features for Hairizone Universal Hair Dryer Diffuser Retractable buttons design offers a universal type to match your home or travel hair dryers. Made from high temperature resistance PA material Odourlessness. 6" large bowl with 3D massage prongs to hold more hair at the same time to offer up to 211 air holes to distribute the heat more evenly. Re-defining your perfect curls without frizz. Maintain your natural texture for bounces and curls 40% time saving to dry hair faster. Package Include: 1 x Diffuser for hair Check The Size First If It Can Match Your Blow Dryer Simply measure your blow dryer's mouth/nozzle diameter if size is between 1.7" - 2.6" and there're no extra ring wrapped around the nozzle then will be ok to match. (Uneven nozzle shapes also ok to match check the biggest size if it is within 1.7"-2.6".) How To Use A Hair Diffuser for Curly Hair or Wavy Hair? 1. Wash and conditioner your hair dry with towel first. 2. Add anti-frizz prodcut or serum as you like. 3. Attach this curly hair diffuser to the end of the hair dryer nozzle and turn on. 4. Always set your blowdryer with either Medium or Low Heat only. This is to protect your hair scalp also to avoid overheating of the product. 5. Place a section of your curls into the bowl of diffuser. Move the blow dryer diffuser gently over the scalp while drying. Hold it until your hair roots and tips are dry. This will soften the airflow and redefined the curls. 6. Pull out after cooling.