Hi-Tech Memory-Wire Cutters Wire-Cutting Pliers Jewelry Making Supplies

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The Beadsmith Hi-Tech Memory-Wire Cutters are essential for the new or experienced crafter's tool kit. Made from high-quality materials this cutter is durable heavy duty and built to last. It has been thoughtfully crafted with comfortable handles that provide a firm grip to ensure strong and precise cutting. Wire cutters from the hardware store can produce jagged uneven cuts. This useful tool was specifically designed to create clean even cuts on tough memory wire. You won't need several tries at cutting through the hardened wire — our specialty cutting pliers create a clean cut the first time and every time. The smooth cuts mean you'll spend less time filing down or tidying up ragged edges. You'll find it is an essential tool that allows you to save time so you can work through your projects quickly and efficiently. Our memory-wire cutter is the perfect companion to crafts like beadwork and DIY jewelry making. Make heartfelt gifts like rings bracelets charms earrings pendants and more that others will be sure to appreciate and treasure. Our Hi-Tech Memory-Wire Cutter also makes the perfect gift — give your loved ones the extra boost they need to begin that hobby they've been planning to start. It's sure to be a unique gift to help them develop their creative and artistic talents. Whether you are a new or professional crafter this cutter will make an excellent addition to any jewelry making kit. Don't settle for old tools that break easily — this memory-wire cutter is heavy duty convenient and easy to use.