JA-RU Pull Pop Tubes Sensory Fidget Toys (1 Tube Assorted) Pop Play Tubes Sensory Toys Pipe Tools for Stress Toys and Anxiety Relief Toy for Kids & Adults Party Favor Plus 1 Sticker. 4774-1s

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1 Unit Assorted Colors Of Pulling Poppin Pipes are fun and functional sensory toys that pop stretch and connect making these pop tubes the go-to toy for playtime. Plus 1 FunaTon Sticker. Pipe linking and twisting game with cool sound making feature. Each Pop Tube kit comes in a variety of colors. Stretch Bend Build and Connect Toy. These sensory toys also act as physical therapy toys that excite and inspire. Stretch toys are made for all Childrens Boys and Girls But are also exciting toys for special needs children autism toys and Sensory toys for Autistic Children. Stress Relief and Release Calming Relaxing Focus Concentration Autism Anxiety Sensory Toys Church Memorial Day Sale Independence Classroom Box Easter Basket Party Planner Supplies Treasure Chest Box For Children Kids boys or Girls & Adults