John Boos Mystery Oil Cream and One Applicator in Gift Packaging Cutting Board Care Set 16 oz

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Care and Maintenance is essential to preserving and prolonging the life of John Boos Cutting Boards and Butcher Blocks or any unsealed wooden item in your kitchen (bowls utensils and more). Boos Block Mystery oil should be applied regularly to penetrate deep into the grain of the wood surface to protect and revitalize the wood fibers. Both John Boos Mystery Oil and Board Cream are Made in the USA from all natural ingredients and are food safe (NSF certified). The Boos Block applicator provides a fast professional and easy way to apply Mystery Oil and Board Cream to your cutting boards butcher blocks wooden bowls and utensils. The solid beech wood handle provides a perfect grip for ease of control. The Silver Ion treated Anti-Bacterial sponge prevents bacteria growth within the sponge and on wooden surfaces. The applicator includes a cap for easy storage and protection. Oil or creme? Use both! John Boos highly recommends using the Boos Block Mystery Oil first and then using the Board Cream to fully replenish restore and protect your wood surfaces.Instructions: 1.A minimum of once a month (depending upon the use and household conditions) apply an even coat of Boos Mystery oil to all surfaces of your wood cutting board using the Boos block applicator. 2. Allow the Mystery oil to fully penetrate through the wood fibers overnight then wipe off any excess oil. 3. Apply additional oil to any visible dry spots or for any other necessary reasons. Do not over oil your cutting board. 4. For additional protection it is recommended to use Boos Block Board Cream (sold separately on Amazon) to seal the top of the wood surface in conjunction to the Mystery Oil. Apply an even coat of the board cream using the Boos block applicator. Allow the board cream to penetrate the wood surface overnight then wipe off any excess cream.