LED GU10 Spotlight Light Bulbs 50 Watt Equivalent 5.5W Dimmable Full Glass Cover Reflector 2700K Soft White 25000 Hours UL Listed Energy Star Certified by Mastery Mart (Pack of 6)

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Why Mastery Mart

As a customer-oriented company Mastery Mart keeps making improvements to enhance
our products in every aspect. It is your safety and satisfaction that we concern.


- Package include: 6 pieces of GU10 Tracklight Light Bulbs
- Model: MM-LGU10D
- Socket: GU10 MR16
- Power: 5.5W (50 Watt Halogen Light Equivalent)
- Input Voltage: 120V AC/60Hz
- Brightness: 400 Lumens
- Beam Angle: 40 Degrees
- Color Temperature: 2700K Soft White
- UV and Mercury Free
- CRI:>=85

Common Applications:
- Home
- Office
- Market
- Store
- High-end Residential
- Exhibition Hall etc.

A clean beautiful LED light

The quality of every Mastery Mart's LED light bulb is evident by its high color rendering
value (85+) meaning colors remain true and natural always. And not only will colors
remain true the light output remains stable throughout the lifetime of the bulb.

Dimmable LED lighting by MASTERY MART

Being able to change your light source means you're able to create the perfect atmosphere
in your favors. Mastery Mart's LEDs are able to create the right lighting for you. Even at low
brightness levels

UL Listed and Energy Star Certified

Mastery Mart's light is stable and pure certified by UL and Energy Star.

UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) is a third party certification and an important indicator
to estimate the quality and safety level of the product.

Energy Star Certification ensures top-class energy efficiency of the product.

All certifications assure Mastery Mart's light bulbs that have been verified as being fully
compliant with applicable standards.


If our LED does not satisfy you we guarantee you a 100% reimbursement.

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