Nourish Beaute Vitamins Natural Shampoo for Hair Growth and Hair Loss for Hair Regrowth Volume and Thickening with Biotin DHT Blockers No Sulfate For Men and Women Premium Gold Label (Pack of 1)

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Nourish Beaute: Your One-Stop Shop for Fast Healthy Hair GrowthPowered by nature and backed by science our formula features clinically-proven ingredients and botanical complexes for natural effective hair growth.Fight Hair Loss in 5 WaysWorks in 5 ways1. Blocks Harmful DHT: Fights one of the leading causes of hair loss in both men and women
2. Increases Scalp Circulation: Delivers more of the nutrients follicles need to grow
3. Stimulates New Growth: Revives dormant follicles to jumpstart new growth
4. Cleanses the Scalp:preparing your scalp for healthy regrowth
5. Improves Follicle Anchoring: Reduces fall out and shedding allowing you to keep more of the hair you already haveNatural Organic and Sulfate Free Based on science not promises Organic natural ingredients like biotin keratin and castor oil come together to create a blend that's as rich as it is effective. We even included patented Baicapil which was proven in clinical trials to stimulate growth and reduce hair loss.We believe that what goes into our formula is just as important as what stays out. This shampoo is color-safe sulfate free and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or fillers.We make our products in the USA in an FDA inspected and GMP certified lab ensuring that our high quality standards are met. The result is a safe effective formula that?s great for users of all ethnicities and hair types.Nourishing Blend of Vitamins Botanicals and OilsNourishing oils help cleanse the scalp repair damage and restore moisture for a healthy vibrant shine that?s never greasy.Natural botanicals help block root-killing DHT while increasing blood flow to stimulate sluggish hair cells. Vitamins and minerals give your hair the nutrition it needs while activating dormant follicles for thicker fuller hair.