Omica Organics Organic Liquid Stevia - Plain (1.85 fl oz)

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Certified organic zero-calorie sweetener that is a naturally highly-concentrated. Using proprietary revolutionary true extract production method this is an un-reconstituted stevia extract (unlike other liquid stevia products that are reconstituted from dehydrated stevia). The result is an aromatic dynamic sweetness without the bitterness associated with other stevia products. No artificial preservatives-only certified organic glycerin and certified organic alcohol are used to help preserve and extend the shelf life. Omica organics' proprietary stevia is cultivated from an extensive network of family-owned stevia farms. Self-sustaining farming methods help preserve the naturally-beneficial phytochemicals of the stevia leaf. The stevia leaves are picked by hand at the peak time of the growing season and then dried naturally with sunlight and fresh air. Directions: because our extracts are naturally concentrated we recommend a serving size of 2 drops (0.1 ml) compared to other liquid stevia extracts with a serving size of 5-8 drops. Add 1-2 drops to coffee tea or any other hot or cold beverage or food. Use as a substitute for sugar honey or other sweeteners. Shake well before using. No refrigeration required.