Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads (10 Pack) for Breastfeeding Moms - 4.7 inch Reusable Washable Breastfeeding Nipple Pad for Maternity with Laundry Bag

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Pinowu Bamboo Reusable Nursing Pad
Designed for smart eco-conscious parents who want to give their children the best.

Health & Comfortable Breastfeeding 
It's important to choose a breast pad that is comfortable to wear since you will be wearing it throughout the day.
Pinowu nursing pads use all natural fabrics as part of its ecological & social responsibility
they are effective and provide highly absorbency to ensure no leaking on your bra or clothing.

High Quality & Absorption
breast pads are made from durable bamboo fabric
and it is hypoallergenic
extremely breathable the dry layer whisks away moisture
you will feel dry all the time - Perfect for mom with sensitive skin.
Better than cotton for touching delicate breast skin and nipples. 
Cheaper cotton or polyester nursing pads may NOT have the waterproof TPU as outer layer.

Fully Milk-Proof Backing
Breastfeeding is beautiful but leaks and lines are not!
Our reusable reusable nursing pad has a custom-designed absolutely leak-proof backing preventing milk from leaking through!
While you might think all nursing pads are the same but better pads can help you to soak up the leaking breast milk.

100% Guarantee & Risk Free
Pinowu provide lifetime warranty if you do not like Pinowu Bamboo nursing pad
and we will make a refund no need any excuse.

Product Include: 
10 x White Bamboo Nursing Pads 4.7 inch
1 x Laundry Bag