Safari Ltd Princess Dragon

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Teach children the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play. We are an American-owned and family-operated company creating Toys That Teach with passion for over 30 years and 3 generations! We source and craft all of our products with care ensuring that anything you buy from us is authentic and most importantly safe. We design create manufacture educational toys for everyone to enjoy. We have over 800 products and some are as small as your fingernail and the biggest ones are about the size of your forearm. It is basically real-life in nature along with fantasy and things from the present and from the past. We like to bring a quality product that depicts nature to raise awareness of nature while having fun playing with that product. There’s always been a market for these types of products that don’t require batteries but require imagination. Carefully Crafted Our expert sculptors and artists meticulously research and study every animal to create a carefully crafted figure that lasts for generations. Safe We take our commitment to people seriously which is why all of our products are phthalate and lead-free to ensure the safety of all children. Sustainable Each Safari Ltd. toy is designed to last. This includes no UV coating on our hang tags and recyclable packaging. Educational Safari Ltd. is passionate about using Toys That Teach to educate children about the importance of nature and its conservation. Safari Ltd.'s Dragon Collection These distinctive dragon designs range from the fearsome to the friendly with beautifully detailed sculpting and carefully applied vivid colors. Each dragon has a story to tell and these figures are sure to spark imagination whether in the sandbox or on the display shelf. Explore a fantastical world of mythical beasts with the Safari Ltd. Dragon Collection featuring dozens of unique and fantastical dragon figures. Each figure is hand-painted and unique in its very own way. These dragons are exploding with personality. From scary to sweet or light to dark Safari’s dragon selection has you covered. Dragons have long mystified people throughout the ages and the Dragon Collection from Safari Ltd. features dragon figurines perfect for those who share in that mystery. You can keep them as collectibles use them in tabletop games give them as gifts or use them in a variety of DIY and school projects. Explore our selection below: Safari Ltd. - Wolf Dragon Figure Safari Ltd. - Forest Dragon Figure Safari Ltd. - Happy Dragon Figure Safari Ltd. - Ice Dragon Figure Safari Ltd. - Earth Dragon Figure Safari Ltd. - Alien Dragon Figure Size 8" L x 5" H 6" L x 5" H 3" L x 4.5" H 6" L x 5.5" H 5'' L x 6'' H 6.5" L x 4.75'' H Age Range 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+