Scandal: The Complete Sixth and Seventh Seasons [New DVD] Boxed Set Dolby Sl

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SCANDAL: THE COMPLETE SIXTH SEASON -- The line between predator and prey dissolves into a struggle for survival in the riveting sixth season of ABC's SCANDAL. Despite Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) best efforts Frankie Vargas wins the Presidency; however all bets are off when he's assassinated. And as the conspirators escalate their tactics Olivia Pope alienates her O.P.A. "gladiators" by fully embracing her darks side as "the most powerful person in the world." SCANDAL: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON -- Savor the last decadent drops of the most satisfying TV show SCANDAL: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH AND FINAL SEASON. A new era begins as Mellie Grant becomes President but the real authority lies with the new self-appointed head of B613: Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). Unfortunately the more power Olivia gains the more of her soul she loses until a battle of wills with Rowan leads to a shattering betrayal.