Super Pop Snacks Clean Plant Based Protein Bars All-Natural Almond Butter Bars with Organic Whole Foods Meal Replacement Delicious Gluten Free Low Carb Dairy Free 10g Protein Almond Blueberry (12 Pack)

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?? WHAT ARE SUPER POP SNACK BARS? Gluten free snack bars made with real food ingredients including delicious keto nut butter giving them a healthy dose of protein. They feature a unique creamy and crispy texture making them perfect as clean snacks or a healthy dessert. A delicious protein crisp bar. ?? WHAT?S THE STORY BEHIND SUPER POP? Super Pop Snacks is a family run snack bar company based in Southern California. We know that food is fuel and are determined to make healthy nutrient dense snacks available to all families using only whole foods delivered in a delicious plant based protein bar. We make these paleo protein bars in small batches with only the best clean ingredients to ensure the utmost quality. ?? WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF NUT BUTTERS? Not only does nut butter contain protein healthy fats and fiber but these plant based butters feature vitamins and antioxidants. A unique formulation perfect for providing sustained energy directly from whole foods. ?? WHAT?S IN SUPER POP SNACK BARS? These clean bars are made from organic real food and vegan friendly ingredients. We make no compromises on providing a clean healthy snack bar that is 100% plant based. This includes organic keto nut butter organic popped grains and organic pea protein. That means no artificial flavors no sugar alcohol and no refined sugar. ?? WHEN SHOULD I USE THEM? Our bars are great for breakfast on the go or for a mid-afternoon snack. They can even be used as a healthy dessert. Our combination of plant based protein with healthy fats and limited sugar will keep you fueled in whatever activity you have planned. ?? HOW SHOULD I USE THEM? These dairy free and performance nut butter bars are great with coffee and can be used pre or post workout. They are also family friendly and great to share with your kids as a healthy snack.