Thigh High Compression Stocking Footless - Pair Thigh-Hi Leg Compression Sleeves Unisex 20-30mmHg Gradient Compression with Silicone Band Opaque Best for Varicose Veins Edema Swelling Black M

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Who are we?MGANG Use the newest compression technology to produce medical supplies specifically to serve humans and make more people benefit.MGANG Thigh high compression stockings provide firm 20-30 mmHg graduated pressure to encourage fluid flow in your circulatory and lymphatic system.These compression stockings offer a classic fit all while providing the benefits of medical-grade compression.These unisex thigh highs crafted of a durable fabric made up of Nylon and Spandex are knitted so that they stretch sufficiently to be easy to don and remove and wear offers your leg skin dry and comfortable.Choose 20-30 mmHg (heavy strength) compression when recommended by a doctor or health care provider for vascular disease patients suffering from: DVT edema pronounced varicose veins spider veins major swelling sclerotherapy in lymphatic system laser vein ablation thrombosis and Evlt endovenous radiology post-surgery. Perfect Fit Shape Your Legs to Make You Look More Beautiful Why is MGANG the best choose?MGANG Medical compression stockings help prevent swelling edema fluid retention DVT vein clots pooling of blood you will notice the change if you wear these a few hours each day.All-day Comfort - these thigh high compression stockings are made with soft spandex yarn which makes them comfortable for all day wear.Dot Top - they also feature a wide comfortable silicone top band that stays in place and makes it easy to put on.Knit-In Heel - Defined Reinforced heel pocket increases durability and sock orientation to achieve ergonomic fit.Comfort Toe - Roomy closed toe box will not compress toes and eliminates pressure and chaffing on sensitive feet.Graduated compression technology is greatest at the ankle and decreases gradually up the leg to promote healthy circulation and keep you feeling energized.Proven EffectiveHelp improve leg blood circulation Relieve physical fatigue Help prevent ankle joints leg and foot swelling Reduce the risk of developing varicose veins Graduaed Gradient Compression Design Firm 20-30 mmHg Strength 100% pressure at ankle and compression lessens gradually up to calf (70%) and thigh (40%) Do Not Expect These To Fit Like Regular Socks They need to fit tightly to work their magic.Graduated Compression Medical Stockings are suitable for all medical compression needs. Professional Material 3-D Knitted structure the use of air-covered spandex yarn soft touch comfortable all day wear. Measuring Instructions Measuring and fitting should be done in the morning when swelling or edema is least Keep firm measurements without depressing the skin Keep measuring tape in a level position then note measurements at each point A. Measure around the smallest part of the ankle right above the ankle bone B. Measure around the fullest part of the calf C. Measure around the middle of your thigh Professional Silicone Band Do Not SlipDo Not Curl The Socks Will Be A Tight Fit When First Worn It's Normal. Try It and Make You Flexible and Elegant Who can benefits?Pregnant woman nurses and doctorsMasseurs cosmetologists and stylistsFrequent travelers or anyone taking a long plane flightOffice worker long time wear high heel shoes personsChoose the perfect fit compression stockings for you to have a healthy life Compression Socks Open Toe 20-30mmHg for Men Women Knee High Compression Sleeves Calf Compression Sleeve 2 Pairs 20-30mmHg Footless Leg Compression Socks Knee Compression Sleeve Knee Brace Support for Running & Arthritis Squats Knee Compression Sleeves Lightweight for Men Women Meniscus Tear Arthritis Thigh High Compression Stockings Footless Compression Sleeves Opaque Edema Thigh High Compression Stockings Open Toe Opaque Best for Varicose Veins Edema Style Classic Medical Classic Medical Sport Classic Medical Classic Medical Classic Medical Compression Strength 20-30 mmHg 20-30 mmHg 20-30 mmHg 20-30 mmHg 20-30 mmHg 20-30 mmHg Available Colors Black Beige White Black Beige Black Black Beige Black Beige Black Beige Sizes Available Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large 3X-Large 4X-Large 5X-Large Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large 3X-Large 4X-Large Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large Key Features Optimal compression soft top non slip lightweight & breathable improves blood circulation High-quality Super-elastic Medical Fabric Non-Slip Top Cuff Lightweight & Breathable Moisture-Wicking Anti-slip band targeted pain relief All day wear Professional Therapeutic Knee Brace Decompression Ring Design Four-way Elasticity and Perfect Fit Targeted pain relief Non-slip Lightweight Fabric Super Absorbent and Breathable All-day Comfort Dot Top Knit-In Heel Comfort Toe Graduated compression technology All-day Comfort Dot Top Knit-In Heel Comfort Toe Graduated compression technology Uses Running Jogging