WISEMAX Exercise Ball Chair - Stability Yoga Balance Ball with Inflatable Ring Base, Resistance Bands & Pump, Loop Bands, Carry Bag, Poster for Home, Office, Posture, Gym Bundle, Home Workout- 65cm

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WISEMAX PACKAGE INCLUDES: Exercise ball (1400 g) 65 cm Anti-burst balance ball from eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic material Stability base (800 g) with the new design ring accessories 2 Resistance bands with carabiner and hand straps (15-20 lbs) A3 workout wall poster with +50 of the most effective exercises 5 different strength resistance loop band with carry bag Extra thick foot pump User manual PREGNANCY / LABOR-TIME WiseMax ball is excellent for pregnancy and labor-time and it can help you to Maintain good posture and better balance to Increase blood flow to key organs and Relive pressure on your spine PHYSICAL THERAPY Recovering from a medical condition? WiseMax ball & band set is perfect to increase strength training options to support quicker recovery and promote your flexibility BALL CHAIR WiseMax ball set can help you to get rid of your neck and back pain by correcting your sitting posture during daily work hours. It improves your balance and circulation and you?ll feel more energetic while using the ball as a chair for Work desk, Watching TV, Playing Video Games or on the Phone User guide: 1-Let the ball stay at room temperature for two hours. 2-Insert the tip of your foot pump into the ball`s air valve and pump 3-Inflate the ball to about 80% of diameter initially. Wait a further 24 hours and do not use the ball within the first 24 hours 4-Pumping it up again to the recommended size 5-Insert the plug and the let the ball sit for another day Tips: - Keep the product away from sharp objects & Store indoors at room temperature - Clean the ball with a soft cloth and mild soapy water