2 Kits Blacklight LED Special Effects Lights for Props Scenery Fluorescent Glow Paints pigments 12V DC Battery Operated Low Voltage Ultraviolet Black Lights

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This unit is a professional blacklight LED kit for building props scenery and costumes. The kit is operated from 8 AA batteries and runs for more than 12 hours on new alkaline batteries (not included). The cable socket assembly can be press fit into a 7/16? hole drilled into rigid foam wood or other material. The taper of the socket body locks it into place and the socket has a front flange to limit the insertion depth and provide a finished appearance. This kit is intended for use in very low to dark ambient light theming environments. This kit consists 2 pcs blacklight bi-pin LED lamp with socket assembly (EEL1-SBL2-BL) and 2 pcs 12-volt battery holder (BHC1-8AA-12V). The LED black light bulb operates from 12 volts DC at 125ma nominal current 1.5 watts. The bulb is molded of clear silicone rubber and has a maximum current of 185ma at 12 volts (2.3 watts) when warmed up. The blacklight bulb uses 24 LEDs with ultraviolet UV-A 390nm to 395nm nominal wavelength peak. The cable socket uses a DC barrel connector of the 2.1mm x 5.5mm size with a center positive (+V) power polarity. The blacklight bulb may be operated from 12 volt battery power or a 12 volt DC power supply. Applications include: Blacklight illumination of fluorescent paints and fluorescent acrylic sheet plastics Theatrical costumes and props Theme park character costumes Fluorescent blacklight art Escape rooms glow paints Fluorescent dioramas Black light glow theming projects Fluorescent scenic art Illuminating resin cast with fluorescent pigments Fluorescent paint signage Theatrical stage props Fluorescent gaffers tape illumination