21st Century Cranberry Plus Probiotic 60 Tablets

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Urinary Tract SupportGluten FreeCompare VS. AZO CranberryCranberry Supplement2 Tablets Equal 1 Glass of Cranberry JuiceGuaranteed Quality - Laboratory TestedFlushing Support - Helps promote and maintain urinary tract cleanliness.Probiotic - Plus Vitamin C.Urinary Tract SupportMake 21st Century® Cranberry Plus Probiotic a part of your daily routine to help promote a healthy urinary tract. Uniquely formulated with whole fruit cranberry powder vitamin C and a probiotic blend to help support the urinary tract and promote cleanliness.21st Century® Cranberry Plus Probiotic tablets offer a convenient way to get the benefits of cranberry juice without the tart taste and added sugar! Now you can skip the glass of cranberry juice and get your one daily serving in 2 small tablets!