INTEYE Bath Bombs Gift Set 24 Handmade Fizzies Rich in Essential Oil Moisturize Dry Skin Gifts idea for Kids Her/Him Wife/Girlfriend Birthday Christmas Mothers Day

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INTEYE 24 pcs Bath Bombs gift set has been popular Since its launch in August 2018 and during the Christmas of 2018 INTEYE had sold more than 1 000 000 pcs. Ranking 2nd in North America online sales in just a few months launching it's undeniably that INTEYE bath bomb gift set is the best choice for holiday gifts. Try it give yourself or your friends a surprise!!! What Makes an Excellent Bath Bomb? Organic Natural Raw Materials?INTEYE has passed FDA certification all raw materials are natural organic low plant pigment adhesion will not cause any harm to your bathtub all ingredients are completely soluble in water no residue and easy to clean.Rich Essential Oils and Other Skin Care Ingredients: Relax your body and mind nourish your skin. Pure natural plant essential oil has good nourishing and healing effects on skin and plant fragrance is more elegant and lasting. Long term use can fundamentally improve the quality of skin.Rich Color: INTEYE bath ball external color is consistent with the color of the section the formation of the foam is also rich and colorful lasting fragrance and rich foam make bathing completely enjoyment.Float Effect in Water: In fact the lighter the bath salt ball the better for same volume. Low grade Bath balls will add starch and other ingredient which is cheap in order to float. Bath balls like these are not completely soluble in water and it made of cheap materials.Exquisite Packaging: INTEYE Bath Ball with Emboss packaging design each Bath Ball is separately packed in two layers six in each box each four small boxes a large box so that to provide you with more gift options and also makes it the best choice of gifts Wedding Gifts Valentine?s Day Birthdays Mother?s Day Bridesmaids Gifts New Mom Gifts Get a gift for your mom sister friend partner.SIZE:1.8 INCH