OraRestore Natural Bad Breath Treatment—Concentrated Blend of Essential Oils—Dentist Formulated Liquid Toothpaste & Mouthwash for Healthy Gums & Teeth—Tooth Oil for Oral Care w/ eBooklet 15ml (1 Pack)

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Dr. Paul O'Malley is a Leading holistic dentist with the mission of truly creating Great Oral Health through preventative dentistry across the planet.

The tongue and mouth are a prime breeding ground for harmful oral bacteria. As chronic bad breath sufferers know these bacteria are the biggest source of halitosis or just plain bad breath.

Made in USA and developed by a leading holistic dentist these powerful anti-bacterial essential oils are a strong fresh breath treatment you will LOVE!

Made in the USA with no sugar or artificial flavors/additives these all natural essential oils help fight bacterial growth freshen breath and build healthier gums. Ingredients: sweet almond oil peppermint oil spearmint oil tea tree oil and a proprietary mix of all natural flavors. IMPORTANT NOTE: We have a special drip technology to prevent waste - please tilt your bottle to the side and patiently let the drops drip out slowly!

Enjoy fresher breath and a healthier mouth by adding this awesome tool to your oral hygiene regimen!