Amisley Disposable Face Towel Ultra Soft Washcloths 60Pcs Unscented Baby Dry Wipes for Sensitive Skin Multi-Use as Makeup Remover & Thickening Cleansing Towelettes w/ Dust-Proof Bag 1 Pack

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About A Amisley Brand A Amisley beauty blooms is always aimed at making everyone look younger and healthier with the help of our products. Therefore we strictly produce every products including these facial tissues by selecting the best raw material and adopting excellent craftsmanship for providing everyone with an ultimate cleansing experience for any skin types. Hope you will be kept in perfect skin care feeling re-energized and revitalized every day. Reason 1: The traditional towel will become hard after a long time use. In fact some impurities are easily hidden in the towel fibers. For example the soap you used for bathing or face washing is easily combined with free calcium and magnesium ions in the water. Moreover dander inorganic salts and ash from the oil and sweat secreted by the skin aren’t dissolved in water. Over exposed under the sun enables the water inside the fiber evaporate quickly.The rubbing and pulling can damage your freshly cleansed skin with a hard towel. Therefore after a long time use the skin will become thinner and thinner even stimulating melanin production causing pigmentation and forming friction spots. Reason 2: It will easily cause some skin problems like acne. It has often been hang on the towel rack in the wet bathroom where is often dirty and harboring acne-causing dust not visible to the naked eye after it has collected dead skin cells and oils from your face and body.Jessica Jeong marketing and PR manager for Missha points out that towels like almost every other surface we come in contact with can collect dirt and dust which can be redistributed to skin when patting it dry. This can lead to breakouts and irritation. Even towels we think are clean may not be. Reason 3: It is not friendly to sensitive or extremely dry skin. Towels no matter how soft might be a little too harsh for your extremely dry or sensitive skin the skin barrier isn’t functioning causing breakouts. So if you still don’t stop to use the dirty towel which will completely disrupt the pH levels in your skin fine lines wrinkles acne whiteheads blackheads scars and clogged pores won’t be improved. All in all it’s probably fair to say that you’re investing good money and time into your skincare so why not try to maximize the efficacy of your products by choosing the correct beauty tool- disposable face towel? Safe and Reliable Facial Towel ULTRA THICK & REUSABLE Super thick and large enough to be reused for 3 times. Great value for the money. No ripping apart easily like others like paper towels. PURELY CLEAN Unscented. No any chemicals. Neither preservatives nor fluorescent agent. Disposable to avoid cross contamination. Each roll is covered with hygienic film for keeping them clean. DRY AND WET USES Highly absorbent of oil and water.Super soft and gentle but durable enough. Ideal for sensitive skin.Lint free. No debris or fiber falls on skin or surface. Multi-functional Dry Cleanser Towelettes Face Washing Clean your face after moistened with water.Don't dry your face completely because you ideally want your skin to be damp while applying your products. Baby Care Can add warm water. No cold wipes anymore.Very hygienic for baby's face ears body limbs and intimate cleaning such as diaper changing. No redness. Makeup Removal Add it with your cleanser or plain water easily remove makeup or dirt.Friendly alternative substitute to cotton pads makeup wipes and face towel. Daily Cleansing User-friendly design and cruelty free.After cleansing your face you can use it to continue cleansing your plates wiping your table phone's screen or more. Specifications Material 100% Natural Cotton Non Woven Fabric Quantity 60pcs Unfolded Tissue Size 20 x 20 (cm)/7.87 x 7.87 (inch) Product Dimension 13 x 13 x 9.8 (cm)/5.12 x 5.12 x 3.86 (inch) Item Weight 165 g/ 5.82 oz Available Occasions Perfect for home school beauty salon hotel office camping hiking beach playa and hospital Package List 1 x Cotton washcloths; 1 x Dust-proof Drawstring Bag Cotton Face Towel 120pcs 2 pack Cotton Face Towel 80pcs 1pack Cotton Face Towel 160pcs 2pack Cotton Face Towel 240pcs 3pack Lip Scrub Brush w/ Disposable Brushes Candle Making Kit Beeswax 8PCS 4Colors Material 100% Cotton-natural plant fiber 100% Cotton-natural plant fiber 100% Cotton-natural plant fiber 100% Cotton-natural plant fiber Food-grade silicone plastic 100% Pure beeswax Count 120 80 160 240 52 8 Unfolded Size 7.87 X 7.87 inch 7.87 X 7.87 inch 7.87 X 7.87 inch 7.87 X 7.87 inch 8 X 4 X 0.6 inch 7.87 X 7.87 inch Thickness 70g/㎡ 75g/㎡ 75g/㎡ 75g/㎡ / / Lint-free ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ / Dry and Wet Use ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ / Function Face cleansing makeup removal baby care senior care and daily cleansing uses Face cleansing makeup removal baby care senior care and daily cleansing uses Face cleansing makeup removal baby care senior care and daily cleansing uses Face cleansing makeup removal baby care senior care and daily clea