ArtStone 35190.01 Ella Tall Planter Grey 19.5-inch

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Size:19.5-inch | Color:Grey The Ella tall planter will enhance your indoor or outdoor decor with its modern tapered & unique design. Made with a proprietary blend of stone & resin for increased durability you'll be enjoying this one-of-a-kind planter for years to come. In addition to its elegance this tall square planter has a built-in Water-Minder a self-watering component that provides continual hydration to the plants. These deep-vessel planters can accommodate larger plants trees & shrubbery. Showcase your arrangements at every doorway patio deck or other living space with these beautiful lightweight durable & thoughtfully-designed planters. Size dims. (L" x w" x h") bottom (sq. In.) 13.5" - 7.4"X7.4"X13.5" 5 sq. In. 19.5" - 10.2"X10.2"X19.25" 7 sq. In. 27.5" - 13.9"X13.9"X27.7" 9 sq. In. 35.5" - 15.75"X15.75"X35.5" 10.5 sq. In. For best results in sustaining healthy plants in an Ella tall planter: when using outdoors prior to planting invert planter & remove the rubber stopper. Removing the stopper will allow water to properly drain from the Ella tall planter. Store the stopper in safe place & replace the rubber stopper when moving your plants indoors. For additional soil aeration add a soil amendment such a perlite small stones or clay piece to the bottom-and up to 1/3-of the container when deciding what to grow in the square planter. Check the planting instructions for the specific plant species. Follow the directions & if planting multiple seeds or seedlings place each plant the recommended distance between each plant to allow enough space between them to grow you will find a unique Water-Minder feature at the bottom of the Ella tall planter. If you remove this part during cleaning please replace it before replanting. This piece is crucial to enable the self-watering feature of this planter. It helps water accumulate in the bottom reservoirs to recirculate & feed your plants during the growing season.