Audio Adapter Vandesail 90° Right Angle Stereo Headphone Adapters 3.5mm Male to Female Jack Gold Plated Plug

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VANDESAILAudio Converter VANDESAILAudio Converter 2x 3.5mm Male To Female Right Angle with Gold Plated Plug Stereo Adapter 3.5mm Female to 3.5mm Male Right Angle TRRS Adapter. For use with 3.5mm TRRS cables. 4 pole - TRRS supports devices with both audio and microphone or video. Slim design for use with tables/phones and other devices using protective cases Specifications male 3.5mm to female 3.5mm stereo socket. Premium quality connections ensure a high quality connection. Better sound quality and less signal loss. Ideal replacement or spare for your headphones. Features: 2x audio adapters (1) 3.5mm stereo female (1) 3.5mm stereo male Right Angle (90 Degree) perfect for use in tight spaces Can be used as a port saver when constant plugging and unplugging is necessary Molded plastic construction Color: Black Gold-plated contacts