Baby Colic Gas and Upset Stomach Relief – Belly Hugger – A Soothing Warmth Combined with Gentle Compression (Blue)

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Safely and effectively Belly Hugger relieves excess gas calms colic and remedies the fuss Belly-binding is an old practice to reduce discomfort associated with colic gas and stomach pain. Belly Hugger combines that old practice with stylish design to calm baby?s gassy stomach. It providesgentle compression and a safe heatable reusable gel-pack that tucks inside belly hugger tocombine the compression with a soothing warmth. Besides you can cool the gel pad in freezer to use as cold treatment to reduce inflammation aftervaccine injections on bruises or other boo-boos. We produce our products with Quality Safety Comfort and Style. Belly Hugger will grow with yourbaby. The waistband is made with baby soft Velcro that perfectly adjusts to grow with your baby.The band is specially designed to comfortably fit newborns and up. A warm soothing heat can always reduce baby gas and fussiness.If your baby does not cry excessively and sleeps well ? so would you!!! Always on the safe side thanks to the 365 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE