Banord Outdoor String Lights, 48FT Solar Powered Patio Lights String with 15 and

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Banord Solar String Lights create cosy ambience for you and your family Please turn on the solar panel on Sunny day to make a full charge and plug the solar panel into your yard, grass ground or clip it to balcony railing. And then connecting the strands right there. Solar light string will auto light ON while it is getting dark, and auto off while it getting bright and you do not be worried about forgetting light up when you enjoy chatting with your friends or doing something with your family. Easy to Install Just hang the lights string as desired, in clustered formations or straight across the space. Set the panel somewhere it will get abundance of sunlight, using the stake to position it. Adjustable Angle The solar panel can be adjusted to the angle which can absorb more energy. Tips: Facing south at a 20? - 30? angle is better Durable Wires The heavy-duty wire is very durable which can withstand the wear and tear for using long time outdoor. Banord Solar String Lights Two Charging Methods: This solar panel supports to be charged by USB and Solar. Charging Time: 8 hours Working Time: Solid Mode: 8 h Strobe Mode: 12 hours 4 Modes Avaliable: Solid Breathing Mode Slow Strobe Fast Strobe This indoor string lights creat a cosy atmosphere to make you and your family relax. IP65 waterproof string lights is a good choice to use outdoor. Note: please tighten the bulbs to prevent water from entering the bulbs. The S14 bulbs are made of plastics which is shatterproof and will protect your family and friends away from danger Banord 2 Pack Replacement Bulbs for 48FT Solar String Lights Banord 2 Pack 48FT String Lights, Waterproof Patio Lights with 2W Bulbs Banord 50FT G40 Globe String Lights, 2700K Warm White Patio Lights Banord 2 Pack 51FT 2W Outdoor String Lights, Heavy Duty Patio String Lights Banord 48FT LED String Lights, Weatherproof Commercial Grade Patio Lights Banord 102FT Outdoor String Lights with Dimmable Bulbs, Patio Lights Watt per Bulb 1W 2W 1W 2W 2W 1W Waterproof ? ? ? ? ? ? Dimmable ? ? ? ? ? Package 2 Pack Bulbs 48FT/2×48FT 29FT/50FT/100FT 51FT/2×51FT 2×48FT/48FT 51FT/102FT