Bath Bombs for Kids with Toys inside for Girls Boys - 12 Set XXL Large Size Gift Kit Surprise UNICORN Bulk Handmade Bubble Bath Fizzies Spa Fizz Balls (Toys May Vary)

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12 Large Bath Bombs Set for Kids with Surprise Toys inside- 12 uniquely designed gift within a gift bath bombs each of our bath bombs for kids with different surprise toys in it- Each about 4.2 oz - Pop one of our nourishing fizzing bath bombs in your bath water and watch it explode into a swirling twirling ball of fragrant therapeutic moisturizing fizz! Watch for which toy inside after fizzing.- These Bath Bombs are colorant but they will not tint your tub or skin.12 uniquely crafted aroma:Clear mood Soothe muscles Remove tiredness Missing breath Unwind mind Sweet dreams Refresh brain Lu sh life Feeling good Clear mood Happy taste Ease worries.Excellent bath time for all ages:Bath Fizzies Bombs are a fun way to bring some fizzle to kids? bath time getting them excited about bathing while adding healing hydration and antioxidants to their skin! Now the bath bomb is loved by all ages throughout the world.Cruelty free and humane:We will never experiment on animals - we don't have to because nothing toxic or harmful will ever go into our products. ??