Boogie Wipes Wet Wipes for Baby and Kids Nose Face Hand and Body Soft and Sensitive Tissue Made with Natural Saline Aloe Chamomile and Vitamin E Fresh Scent 45 Count (Pack of 2)

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Boogie Wipes saline nose wipes are made with a patented non-medicated natural and sterile saline formula which dissolves kids' dried boogers and helps provide relief during cold flu and allergy seasons and everyday irritation. Recommended by parents and pediatricians alike Boogie Wipes are a gentle easy alternative to dry tissues and can soothe even the most tender and sensitive noses. Since they are made with natural saline these wipes are great for all ages - from congested infants and newborns to stuffy toddlers even grown adults! Saline is naturally occurring in the earth and body and pediatricians regularly recommend its use for breaking up and clearing out snot so you can rest assured your child?s cold or congestion symptoms will be relieved. Boogie Wipes also soothe and moisturize skin and noses with Aloe Chamomile and Vitamin E. Simple easy-to-use and made with fun 100% natural fragrances these kid-friendly wipes encourage kids to blow their own nose. Boogie Wipes products are safe for all ages can be used as often as needed and were created by moms for moms. Made with love in the USA and manufactured by ELEEO BRANDS.