Breast Shell & Milk Catcher for Breastfeeding Relief (2 in 1) Protect Cracked Sore Engorged Nipples & Collect Breast Milk Leaks During The Day While Nursing or Pumping (2 Pack)

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Mommyz Love 2 in 1 Boob Shells are for every nursing mom who needs to breastfeed without pain but can’t find a way for her nipples to heal. The problem is using washable or disposable pads can cause an uncomfortable friction and irritation when you are having sore cracked or engorged nipples. And worst of all many Nursing Moms can't get past the idea that breastfeeding is easy and natural so they don't need anything to help make it easier. All this can make trying to relieve breastfeeding pain a nightmare! But luckily for you there's now a solution! Pain Relief These breast shells don’t touch your nipples allowing for healing time between nursing and pumping sessions. Ideal to get a break from friction and irritation that sore nips can experience with the constant demands of breastfeeding. No More Milk Waste Every drop counts. These breast milk catchers are especially helpful early on when every drop is needed! Use these all throughout the day in between pump and breastfeeding sessions to build your milk stash effortlessly! Comfortable and Discreet These cups are so comfortable you won’t even remember you’re wearing them ;) They fit any size of nursing bra discreetly and go unnoticed while you’re collecting milk for your baby! Avoid Yeast Infections Avoid yeast infections with the built in spout for air ventilation which also helps speed the healing process. The spout is also convenient for easy transfer of breastmilk to bottles and milk storage bags Safe for the Baby & Mom! Made from safe food grade silicone & BPA-FREE PP and has also passed EN 71 – EN 14350 safety testing. PERFECT FOR BABY SHOWER GIFTS OR REGISTRY Surprise nursing moms or expecting mothers with these breastfeeding essentials for women or you can also check out our other breastfeeding supplies like Disposable / Washable Nursing Pads Hot - Cold Therapy Gel Pads Multi Use Nursing Covers and Nipple Cream to create the perfect kit / gift set. So if you're a Nursing Mom that really Needs to breastfeed without pain and avoid wasting your liquid gold but can't find a way for your nipples to heal “Mommyz Love Boob Shells" are the answer you've been looking for! First they act as Breast Shields to protect sore / engorged and flat / inverted nipples. Second they act as “Milk Collectors” collecting breast milks leaks during the day while nursing and / or pumping