BST POWER Exercise Ball 45-85cm Extra Thick Yoga Ball Chair Anti-Burst Heavy Duty Gym Ball Stability Ball Birthing Ball with Quick Pump (Black 55 cm)

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BST POWER Anti-Burst Exercise Ball / Pregnancy Ball Looking for an accessory to help you exercise at home? You've come to the right place; BST POWER's exercise ball is a durable lightweight and exceptionally handy piece of fitness gear designed specifically to supplement your home workout routine!A Versatile Exercise Tool The BST POWER fitness ball can be used in conjunction with many different exercises. It is an invaluable tool when paired with self-resistance bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups press-ups leg-lifts crunches etc. - enabling the dedicated user to exercise their abs and core far more effectively than otherwise! But the exercise ball can just as easily be used alongside free-weights enabling you to improve your stability and form even as you build your strength!An Invaluable Therapeutic Accessory It's not just great for working out your core either; the BST POWER stability ball is also an invaluable therapeutic aid. Those who suffer from lower back pain poor posture or balance issues can strengthen their back muscles improve their posture and improve their overall range of mobility whilst exercising!Durable and Hard-Wearing The BST POWER exercise ball is an extremely rugged and hard-wearing accessory. Made out of durable PVC the fitness ball has been made to withstand the test of time. It is also anti-burst ensuring it will not pop even in the rare event of damage but rather slowly deflate in order to avoid injury. Providing innumerable health benefits in a lightweight intuitive and easy-to-handle package the rugged fitness ball from BST POWER is the best option for anyone looking to get the most out of their home workout regime. Do yourself and your health a favour and purchase one for yourself today!Package List: 1 * BST POWER Exercise Ball 1* Quick Foot Pump 2* Air Plug 1* Plug remover tool