Buddha Teas Organic Dong Quai Tea - OU Kosher USDA Organic CCOF Organic 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bags

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A Traditional Chinese TreasureChinese herbal traditions date back thousands upon thousands of years with nearly every known Chinese herb bearing an ancient and respected background. Dong quai is no exception. Alternatively known in the English tongue as Chinese Angelica dong quai has been naturalized to North America today but was originally limited to cold and damp habitats of China and Japan. It is a plant relative of several well-known root vegetables including carrots fennels and parsnips. Dong quai tea is made from the dried root and offers an enticing brew with a pleasant aroma and a somewhat sweet natural flavor that will appeal to many an herbal tea fan.Experience the excellent natural quality of a cup of dong quai tea. Buddha Teas dong quai tea is made from organic natural herbs and comes packaged in bleach free tea bags that are heat-sealed instead of glued. We keep all of our teas free of fillers additives or flavorings providing you with only the freshest and purest herbal taste available.