Buddha Teas Organic Oregano Tea - OU Kosher USDA Organic CCOF Organic 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bag

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Chefs of all skill levels are familiar with oregano a staple herb in culinary tradition. The aromatic and flavorful quality of this herb has made it an essential in the cuisine of many cultures most notably in Italian recipes. Oregano belongs to the mint family and is alternatively known as marjoram. The folklore and tradition of many cultures held that oregano could provide protection and would foster love making it an herb often employed at weddings. Because it was one of few herbs easy to find in the wild it became a common ingredient for many traditional recipes that survive even to this day. Oregano leaves become even more potent in flavor and taste once they have dried which makes it perfect as a seasoning as well as for making this delicious herbal tea. Oregano tea offers a rich herbal taste warm with a pleasant mix of bitter and sweet undertones creating a savory herbal experience. Additionally drinking this tea provides you with essential nutrients such as vitamins A C K and minerals like iron manganese calcium as well as omega-3 fatty acids and flavonoids. This aromatic tea is proudly offered by Buddha Teas in a 100% organic and natural state reliably packaged in bleach and chemical free tea bags. This tea comes without the addition of unnecessary additives artificial flavorings or preservatives.