Children Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Adorable Animal Theme (not for Newborn/Infant)

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3-steps to get started: 1. Install two AAA batteries into the battery compartment. Match the plus (+) and minus (-) signs as diagrammed in the compartment. 2. Insert finger into the finger chamber. 3. Press the power button. Stay still and your SpO2 and Pulse Rate readings will be displayed in about 5 seconds. Tips to get accurate and reliable readings: 1. Make sure that finger nail is kept short and free of nail polish. Finger should be inserted into the finger chamber completely to ensure proper placement. 2. Make sure that the finger chamber is clean before use. To clean gently wipe with slightly dampened soft cloth. 3. When taking readings keep finger as well as body as still as possible. Any movement will affect the accuracy of the readings as the device will reset with each detected movement. 4. Excessive ambient infrared light for example in an overly bright lit room can interfere with the device sensor. Make sure that you are in a moderately lit room when taking readings. 5. Poor blood circulation can affect oximeter readings. If your hands are cold warm your hands and fingers before taking readings. 6. As the pulse oximeter is measuring SpO2 and Pulse Rate based on blood flow it is not suitable for use by people with certain medical conditions such as anemia hypotension and hypothermia. Please consult with your healthcare provider before use.