Colief Infant Digestive Aid | Gas Drops for Babies | Natural & Safe Infant Gas Relief | Reduces Baby Colic Tummy Bloating Fussing & Crying | 90 Servings | 0.5 Fl Oz

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More colic calm means more we time. As any parent with a distressed crying baby knows colic affects a whole household and can be very upsetting for parents. Colic is defined as repeated episodes of excessive and inconsolable crying in a new-born baby which otherwise appears to be perfectly healthy. The condition can affect up to 1 in 5 babies. A lack of lactase enzyme in the small intestine results in a baby?s inability to fully digest the milk-sugar lactose. The undigested lactose is then broken down in the bowel producing lactic acid and hydrogen gas. This leads to discomfort bloating and gas. Colief is the original lactase enzyme and the only product supported by clinical evidence. It is the No.1 prescribed colic remedy in the UK and Ireland now available in the USA. Trusted by moms and recommended by healthcare professionals for 20 years it is formulated to provide reassuring relief for the symptoms of colic caused by temporary sensitivity to lactose. Colief contains lactase an enzyme naturally occurring in our bodies that helps break down complex sugar lactose found in milk dairy products breast milk and infant formulas. The drops can be used every time you feed your baby. At around 3 to 4 months old a baby?s digestive system will naturally cope better with lactose and usually symptoms will disappear. However if symptoms persist you can continue to use Colief. A one-week trial of Colief Infant Drops can help a parent identify if a temporary sensitivity to lactose is the cause of their baby?s colic symptoms. If the baby shows no signs of improvement after a week it can be ruled out as the cause and other possible causes can then be investigated. Temporary lactose sensitivity does not put a baby?s health at risk and will normally resolve itself in around 4 months.