Cora Ultra Thin Organic Cotton Light Bladder Leakage Control Panty Liners | Pads

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Cora's goods are smart, innovative, overachieving, and inspired by the women who wear them. We are revolutionizing the female wellness space by creating naturally powerful body care, so you can move fearlessly through periods, bladder leaks, pre- and post-natal care and other natural parts of the female experience. Reg Bladder Liner Long Bladder Liner Extra Long Bladder Liner Reg Bladder Pad Made with hypoallergenic, organic cotton ? ? ? ? Free of chlorine, dioxins, polyester, pesticides, latex, fragrance, artificial dyes ? ? ? ? Patent-pending channel design for powerful protection ? ? ? ? Natural odor control without synthetic fragrances ? ? ? ? Absorbency Light Moderate Super Moderate Length of liner or pad Regular Long Extra Long Regular Fan shape for extra upfront coverage ? ? ? Hourglass shape ? Optimized to absorb urine fast to keep you dry ? ? ? ? Measurements 3.70 in. x 6.73 in. 3.70 in. x 7.99 in. 4.25 in. x 9.25 in. 3.23 in. x 9.09 in.