TUREWELL Cordless Water Dental Flosser for Teeth Portable Oral Irrigator with 3 Modes 6 Jets IPX7 Waterproof USB Rechargeable Water Teeth Cleaner Cordless Electric Dental Pick for Travel&Home

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How to use cordless Water Flosser : Add water into the reservoir close the lid to avoid the water spill over. Plug the jet tips which you need in the handle. Soft Normal and Pulse water pressure modes available you can choose the most appropriate strength. Aim the tip at teeth graces gumline or tongue. Switch ON of the handle to clean your mouth. If there is no water coming out please check if the rubber plug in the tank is in the right direction. Warm Notice 1.Don't let the water aim at throat or eyes. 2.Could be filled with warm water or add mouthwash. 3.You had better close most of your mouth to avoid the water spray off. 4.Change new nozzles every 3 month is healthier. 5.Soft mode would be recommended for first-time users or sensitive teeth. After adapting to it you can use the other mode you want. 6.Do NOT mix mouthwash in the reservoir you risk creating a jam or clog in the hose or machine. If you are sharing this machine with your family make sure you each use separate attachments for proper hygiene The pressure in different jet tips are different? 1. There is no pressure about the toothbrush tip whose function is to clean the residue on the teeth. 2. The Tongue Cleaner Tip is also in no pressure since the function is to clean your tongue if the pressure is too high your tongue will be hurt. 3. Other jet tips are all with different high pressure you can choose the comfortable pressure.