hetaida Diaper Pail Refill Bags 1088 Counts 34 Bags Fully Compatible with Arm&Hammer Disposal System

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Thanks for using our diaper bag We focus on quality using high-quality reusable environmentally friendly materials Focus on user experience: According to user feedback our original lavender aroma has been removed to make the diaper pail refill bag smell more natural. Easy to use:The length of the bag is increased it is easier to close the diaper bucket after the diaper is filled and it is more effective to prevent the diaper from expanding and emitting odor. More concerned about smell: We use thick material super toughness not easy to break. Both sides of the lifting ring are sealed to prevent odor from overflowing. In addition We have improved the flatness of the snaps to facilitate the placement of the diaper bucket. Other sellers are still leaning on both sides. Diaper pail refills bags are suitable for all Munchkin Arm & Hammer diaper buckets. The entire bag can be split completely environmentally friendly and more safer.