EARTHLITE Disposable Face Cradle Covers – Medical-Grade Ultra Soft Luxurious Non-Sticking Massage Face Covers/Headrest Covers for Massage Tables & Massage Chairs 100 count

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Product DescriptionProtect your clients with a super-soft layer of comfort and sanitation. Earthlite disposable massage headrest covers are made of medical-grade fiber and are ultra soft thick luxurious and non-sticking. The fabric has a nice touch and does not feel like paper more like a soft cotton and is also hypo-allergenic. Perfect for your massage room portable massage chair or on the go. They do not leave face wrinkles on your clients forehead and face and are designed to fit almost all massage table headrest and facerest cushions. Available in a resealable economical 100 pack from Earthlite the world?s leading massage company.Amazon.comKeep your clients feeling clean and fresh during a massage with this pack of disposable headrest covers. Designed to fit any Earthlite massage table headrest the covers are made of a soft absorbent medical-grade fiber that's completely hypoallergenic. As a result your clients won't pick up other clients' germs while lying on your table nor will they suffer from sneezing attacks. The covers come in a pack of 100.