Emilia Eczema Relief Cream for Baby and Toddler - Itch Therapy Lotion- Steroid-Free Eczema Calming Rash Ointment with Natural Oat Extract for Healthier Happier Skin - 5 Fl.oz.

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Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to softness with this new Baby Eczema Cream: Use this steroid-free eczema body lotion to treat eczema and provide relief for your baby’s dry itchy skin to ensure a good night’s sleep. Made specially for babies and their sensitive skin this baby ointment for eczema helps moisturize your baby’s skin to prevent dry and itchy skin caused by eczema and psoriasis. Apply on your baby before bedtime for a soothing wonderful feeling and for immediate relief. Features Paraben FreeSteroid FreeFragrance FreeWith natural oat extract Why Natural Oatmeal Extract? For years dermatologists have recommended oatmeal baths to people with sensitive skin. Oat’s ability to absorb moisture and relieve skin irritation makes it excellent for those with skin problems. By adding natural oat extract to the eczema relief lotion the eczema ointment for kids and babies actively works to help lock in the moisture while also providing a soothing feeling and relieving skin irritation. This eczema baby cream is also hypoallergenic paraben- fragrance- and steroid-free. This means that this eczema calming lotion is not only effective but also safe and gentle enough for everyday use on your little one’s sensitive skin. Click Add To Cart now to use this hypoallergenic baby cream for eczema to relieve soothe and protect your little one’s dry skin. STEROID FREE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN Featuring natural oat extract and a hypoallergenic formula this steroid-free eczema cream for kids and babies contains a host of ingredients that are scientifically proven to help alleviate heal and strengthen the skin the more you use it without causing any skin irritations. RELIEF AND PROTECTION IN ONE This eczema cream for toddlers and babies deeply moisturizes the skin while also helping reduce redness and soothe the problem areas. The eczema body cream helps protect the skin from infection while also offering relief from pain and itching. WORKS ON THE FIRST APPLICATION Unlike others this eczema healing cream is effective on the first try. Immediately after application of the eczema cream your baby will feel relief from symptoms. CONTAINS NATURAL OAT EXTRACT Oats can help absorb moisture and relief discomfort due to irritated skin. As a key ingredient in the cream for eczema the active natural oat extract helps lock in moisture and prevent dry skin for immediate relief. NON-TOXIC & CHEMICAL FREE Our infant eczema cream is paraben-free steroid-free and fragrance-free so your baby can have healthier skin without any risks. USE WITH EMILIA BABY LINE PRODUCTS Emilia's Baby line is specially formulated to work together to give your baby or toddler the comfort they need. Check out our Hypoallergenic Baby Lotion Baby Wash & Shampoo.