First Aid Kit Home Comprehensive 31 Items 141 Piece Soft Case Bag for Camping Hiking Car Emergency Survival Outdoor Sports Office by DIGGOLD

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Foldable Military shovel WHY CHOOSE DIGGOLD FIRST AID KIT? Newest combination for your Needs The first aid kit is packed with useful valuable medical supplies.Newest combination include Military shovel Flash light Fishing kit and etc. Perfect for any occasion or events Durable compact bag (9.05*6.7*3.15 inches) Easy to carry and fits anywhere such as family home travel camping emergencies hiking car and outdoor sports. Convenient compartments design You can easy access the first aid components you need. The zippers are strong and have additional space to insert other items such as your own medications or tools. DIGGOLD FIRST AID KIT TOTAL 31 items 141 piece 1.First aid bag 2.Military shovel 3.Flash light 4.Parachute cord 5.Folding knife 6.Whistle 7.Scissors 13 cm 8.Tweezer 12 cm 9.Tourniquet 10.Fishing kit 11.Multi Purpose Tool Card 12.Carabiner 13.Safety pins *10 14.Adhesive bandage 56*19 mm *5 15.Adhesive bandage 72*19 mm *20 16.Adhesive bandage_Dumbbell *6 17.Adhesive bandage_B *3 18.Adhesive bandage_H *3 19.Adhesive bandage_Lager *3 20.Pad_1 *6 21.Wipes *2 22.PBT elastic bandage *2 23.Emergency blanket 130*210 cm 24.Sterile gauze pad 5*5 cm *3 25.Sterile gauze pad 7.5*7.5 cm *2 26.Pad_2 *2 27.Cott tipped applicators 28.Triangular bandage 29.Nitrile gloves 30.Tape 1.25 cm*3 m 31.First aid manual